Dealer Conference

- Apr 28, 2018-

April 26, 2018, today's Sunshine "decisive terminal 2018 second dealer Conference" held at the flag lung Marriott Hotel. Mr. Du Xiangdi, Chairman of Sunshine today, secretary general of Zhejiang Electric Vehicle Association, Mr. Wang Wenqing, first chairman of Zhejiang Sunshine today, Mr. Sheng, vice Chairman, Mr. Wang Lingfu, Managing director, Mr. Zhang Qiang, deputy general manager of sales, Mr. Hu Wenbo, deputy general manager of production, Mr. Wang Shiming, deputy general manager of technical quality Mr. Zhang Pengfei, manager of product R & amp; D, partner Mr. Lu Xiaoming, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Nandu Power Co., Ltd., Mr. Spein, general manager of China Vision Jin Xin Shengshi International Public Relations Consultant (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and a representative of CNDH dealers and partners from all over the country gathered to conduct a comprehensive summary of work in 2017 , and the development trend of sunshine in the 2018 today to make relevant plans.