Solemn statement

- Aug 29, 2018-

Today's Sunshine electric vehicles, with its exquisite design, high standards of configuration and excellent product quality, in the market since the majority of consumers welcome. Its design, manufacturer Zhejiang today Sunshine New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2014, has always adhered to independent research and development, has obtained 16 design patents and utility model patents, and won the "2016 excellent Zhejiang Merchants return project" title, in 2017 won the " China new energy and power industry well-known brand publicity "award.

Today's sunshine in the enterprise management and market operation of continuous learning, continuous accumulation, has now developed into the Zhejiang Electric Vehicle Industry Association vice Chairman Unit. Recently, our company found that the relevant enterprises without my company's authorization and permission, a mass imitation of our company's goods to profit from it.

This serious violation of our company's patent rights violations, not only seriously hurt the fundamental interests of our company, to my company to bring unpredictable losses, at the same time due to the uncertainty of the quality of counterfeit products, but also may seriously harm the interests of the vast number of consumers.

In this regard, our company solemnly stated: Legal means will be adopted to investigate the legal liability of illegal merchants who infringe on the patent rights of our company. Please the vast number of consumers in the purchase of products pay attention to recognize the "sunshine today" brand.

At the same time also invite the majority of investors to pay attention to prevent deception.

I hereby solemnly declare

Zhejiang Today Sunshine New Energy vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.

August 29, 2018