2019 The Good-looking Of Taizhou Electric Auto Show

- Nov 06, 2020-

The 16th China Taizhou Electric Vehicle and spare Parts Exhibition, which keeps for three days, carried out at the Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center at 9 am on March 16, 2019. Zhejiang Today Sunshine new energy car industry on display of Micro M1and the upgraded version of M2 become "appearance level play", attracted a large number of consumers to experience.


Adhering to the concept of "Good products · Look at Taizhou", this exhibition aims to promote Chinese electric vehicle enterprises to better expand the international market, and build a good platform for communication, negotiation and trade between buyers and suppliers of electric vehicle and parts industry at home and abroad. Mr. Du Xiangdi, chairman of Today Sunshine, spoke on the stage as the representative of the exhibitor, sharing his harvest and feelings, and cheering for The M1 and M2 platforms of Mini.


At the auto show, the upgraded M2 with its own halo is extremely recognisable and interesting. It is in the Meibin M1 simple atmospheric European-style front face design, equipped with a car level rotary knob shifter, so that the upgraded version of the electric car more sense of science and technology. Extremely futuristic vehicle shape, not to mention the girls, I believe that even the boys will be particularly like.


_20201106141554_20201106141713In addition to the pleasing "high appearance level", The mini M2 becomes more intelligent and comfortable on the basis of the M1 model being lighter, younger and fashionable. Mini M2 is equipped with a one-button intelligent starting system. The vehicle accelerates from 100 meters to 12.4 seconds, and the maximum speed can reach 50km/h. The abundant energy gives you extreme sensory stimulation.

_20201106142027Excellent performance is standard with excellent experience interior. Whether ergonomic seats, or spacious two-door double-seated design; Both the application of automatic headlight and digital reversing radar technology have improved the travel experience comprehensively. In addition, the 9-inch LCD android navigation screen configuration, so that the square between the infinite possibilities.

_20201106142317_20201106142402Appearance, interior design are so carefully outstanding Meibin M2, of course, will use the strength to hold the audience.

Today sunshine in the industry friends under the warm attention, actively seek cooperation, seize the opportunity to transform, the influence is growing. We always adhere to the independent research and development independently, strives for perfection, both in design concept, or functional configuration, selecting materials, and technique level, all firmly walk in the forefront of the industry, leading the design style of electric car industry and the technical route, has been exported to Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, dubai, the Dominican republic, Brazil and other countries.