The Milan Internazionale Is In Progress.

- Nov 05, 2020-

 On November 5, 2019-10, the chairman named  Xiangdi  Du of Today Sunshine, on behalf of Today Sunshine as cooperation participants took part in milan of Italy international car exhibition EICMA, communicated with some foreign famous enterprises exhibitors to negotiate, discuss Today Sunshine new energy electric vehicles in the overseas market and demand of resources, and a warm welcome enterprises to cooperate with Today Sunshine._20201105155135

_20201105155336Milan is the second largest city in Italy, the most important economic center of the country, known as the "economic capital". EICMA is the world's largest and one of the oldest trade fairs, with a history of 100 years and 76 successful exhibitions held since the first one in 1914.

_20201105160134 The  appearance of Today Sunshine New Energy electric vehicles at this exhibition attracted many overseas dealers and exhibitors to watch and experience the real car.

_20201105160555_20201105160638_20201105160725_20201105162910The exhibition is still in hot progress. Staffs of Today Sunshine first put a wave of the auto show scene beautiful pictures, to give you a feast for the eyes, together to feel the lively atmosphere of the scene.

_20201105163309_20201105163442The Exhibition, EICMA, brings together exhibitors and visitors from all over the world to enhance mutual understanding and promote the development of Today Sunshine's overseas market .


All the time, With the attitude of striving for perfection, focusing on quality, and constantly meeting consumer demand, We are committed to the convenience and infinite driving interest of new energy electric vehicles. Our products and public praise have been recognized by more and more people!


Today the sun of the foreign trade work from the beginning of the project by the leadership attaches great importance to and guidance we will unswervingly to expand overseas markets, from the beginning of feeling the stones across the river, contact overseas intention client, to attend the Canton fair show products and so on,one step at a time, slowly steady, is with the affirmation of the leadership, in support of the whole office, the foreign trade department of hard work, have the cooperation relationship of overseas merchants, network radiation in Europe, the americas, Asia, etc.