The Next Decade Will Be A Golden Period For The Development Of Low-speed Electric Vehicles

- Nov 23, 2020-

China's vast third - and fourth-tier cities and towns have a huge potential demand for low-speed electric vehicles.Low-speed electric vehicles could boost domestic demand and become a big growth point for China's economy over the next decade.When it comes to low-speed electric cars, many opponents always point to the humble three-wheel and four-wheel old mobility vehicles, which is a travesty of the development of low-speed electric vehicles.With the development of the industry, low speed electric vehicles have formed the characteristics of low speed not low quality, low price not low match.


Low speed electric vehicle has the advantage of convenient parking. At present, most of the low-speed electric vehicles on the market are within 3.5 meters in length.While the length of the traditional A-class car is generally more than 4 meters, the B-class car is more than 4.5 meters.The length of low speed electric vehicle can reduce the difficulty of driver parking, especially side parking. The requirement for drivers has been lowered so that some special groups such as the elderly and housewives can also drive.Another advantage is the convenience of charging.The smaller the city, the fewer gas stations. Conventional cars need to be refuelled frequently and are not very convenient.High-speed electric vehicles need to build charging piles and increase power load, which is not easy to achieve in small cities and towns. Low speed electric vehicles do not need special charging equipment, convenient and fast._20201123100146

So the market demand for low-speed electric vehicles will be very strong.We hope that the country can issue a series of relevant policies as soon as possible to classify low-speed electric vehicles and high-speed electric vehicles into different categories to meet the needs of different groups of people. We will introduce separate industry standards for low-speed electric vehicles to promote industrial development and improve the travel quality of ordinary people. I think it goes without saying how important a low-speed electric car is to ordinary people.

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