Market Insight - Why Are Low Speed Electric Vehicles So Popular?

- Nov 23, 2020-

Low-speed electric cars because of its driving threshold is low, the use of lead-acid battery, management difficult problems such as the emergence of the reason has been disputed by industry, but it is this is the size of conventional cars a third, a top speed of around 40-70 KPH and the price cheap mini electric cars more than ordinary domestic extremely popular and popular, also rob the conventional electric car market share at the same time, why a small electric cars have move the energy market?_20201123132451

As we all know, security is only a relative term. Using electric cars to transport children to and from school is definitely safer and warmer than a motorcycle or an electric bike. At least it can keep out the wind and rain, and keep warm in winter. One big advantage over mini car is that there are fewer technical requirements.

I think this speaks to the heart of many people who choose low speed electric vehicles. Yes, in the context of China's rapid development, the rapid economic growth makes ordinary people feel the pressure and hardship of life, and the travel difficulty is always the dilemma they have to face now.

_20201123133014China's efforts to become a leader in electric vehicles have also created many opportunities for micro-electric vehicles. According to industry data, 1.75 million mini low-speed electric vehicles were sold in China in 2017, while only about 777,000 conventional electric vehicles were sold, more than double the sales volume alone. Moreover, most buyers are in rural areas, a market that is growing rapidly.

In fact, micro-electric vehicles have always been in the legal gray zone between motorcycles and cars, management is very difficult. They can be used in both motorways and bike lanes, but microbikes can cause chaos by honking their horns and flashing lights while bypassing slow-moving minicars

.There are two main reasons for the sceptics' dissatisfaction: the use of cheap lead-acid batteries, which are often harmful to the environment; Second, there is no collision protection device.


However, even though the growth of micro-electric vehicles has put pressure on China's large automobile enterprises, which invest billions of dollars in r&d every year. As a low-speed new-energy electric vehicle enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales,Today Sunshine has been constantly striving to improve the overall quality, performance and safety of electric vehicles. Its products smooth beautiful appearance and superior performance configuration by the majority of consumers love, but also in the efforts to enter more people's lives.

The Today Sunshine with the product safety performance, stylish appearance, superior quality to develop the vast sales market, by the vast number of consumers and the city of love and favor, and even can be said to be part of the family just needs, managers should be through proper regulation continue to improve the micro electric car industry, rather than kill in cold blood.