China Electric Vehicle Industry

- Mar 14, 2017-

2016 is the opening year of the "Thirteen-Five plan", and with the deepening of the "Thirteen-Five plan", the entire electric vehicle industry is facing a new situation of transformation and upgrading.

As a result, today's sunshine has also ushered in a new era of development opportunities! Today's Sunshine electric vehicles will continue to be based on the new energy transportation industry, in-depth implementation of the State Council "Add categories, quality, Brand" "three-product strategy", adhere to the "Innovation Highland industry agglomeration industry benchmark quality leading" basic policy, adhere to the "combination of integration, talent construction, integrated innovation" development line, Relying on Taizhou electric vehicle industry plate strong electric vehicle parts production advantages and advanced technology R & amp; d level, adhere to product quality, adhere to independent R & amp; D and innovation, excellence, steady leap forward, and constantly promote product innovation, and actively explore China's new energy electric vehicles, a strategic emerging industry of the feasible development of the road. Strive in China's electric vehicle industry this high consolidation period to achieve bend overtaking, and Taizhou plate together set foot on the high-speed development of the train.