China's New Car Sales Policy Will Take Effect, Low - Speed Electric Vehicles In Good Situation

- Nov 20, 2020-

The auto industry in 2019 the full implementation of the "fuel consumption points" and "new energy integral" coexistence of dual system, means that factories have to through the sale of their electric cars, or from other electric car manufacturers to buy credit to obtain new energy car credit, while the electric car credit for low-speed electric cars laid the foundation of market environment.

_20201120102102The New Deal clearly stressed that the annual bonus points must be offset to zero, if the bonus points can not be reset to zero, there is no way to sell new cars, is expected to drive the mainland electric vehicle buying trend.From the perspective of this policy, the government hopes to boost the electric car industry and prop up the industry with domestic demand. On the other hand, it can reduce oil imports and reduce air pollution, thus achieving a win-win-win situation.Today Sunshine's  low-speed electric vehicles just meet the requirements of the new policy, which is conducive to the implementation of the government policy.


Now new energy electric vehicles with government subsidies can more quickly develop the base of car users.

 Wang Yunshi, director of the China Energy and Transportation Center at the University of California-Davis,said taht the two-point system brings more pressure to car manufacturers, but pressure and power coexist. If implemented successfully, it can also serve as a reference model for other countries and even change the rules of the game for the global auto industry.


In addition, with the expansion of the new energy vehicle market, the world's major automobile manufacturers are stepping up the development and manufacturing of new energy electric vehicles.In China, although Today' Sunshine LOW Speed electric vehicle is in a pioneer position in the low speed electric vehicle industry, it also indicates that Today Sunshine electric vehicle will continue to improve the performance research and development of upgraded products, and become the preferred brand among consumers of new energy electric vehicles in the future.