From The Perspective Of Market Sales, The Future Development Trend Of Low-speed Electric Vehicles

- Nov 27, 2020-

Throughout the low-speed electric car industry, the most popular topics is discussed "standard and policy", shanxi xinzhou city recently issued the xinzhou electric vehicle management ordinance, suggests that the country is in support of the low-speed electric car industry, now talk about the topic "standard and policy", the industry also increased more clout.

Low-speed electric car industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially in the second and third tier cities, from the perspective of the regional structure of second and third tier cities, the more it has advantage of population, 2, 3 lines more gathered is from the countryside and villages and towns of the population, for the township people's is at a well-off life, low-speed electric cars more practical, not only cheap, also on the practical stronger, the present moment, drive the car instead of walking is that many people choose a convenient way to travel, mutual intercourse between rural and urban areas, is inseparable from the means of transport, compared with the high fuel cars, low-speed electric cars is the best choice.


According to the data of The National Bureau of Statistics in 2017, the total population of rural areas and towns in the whole second and third-tier cities has reached 797 million, accounting for the majority of the total population of China. It can be seen that the sales potential of low-speed electric vehicles brought by population advantage is promising.

From the perspective of market development, the development of the second and third tier cities has its own market advantage, it is well known that fuel cars started early, long development time, and compared with the developed in recent years, low-speed electric cars, only in the initial exploration, need a relatively loose environment to strengthen the development of the foundation, therefore, compared with a line of the city competition is intense, the second and third tier cities is more suitable for low-speed electric cars to the steady development.


At the same time as the second and third tier cities developed rapidly in recent years, the traffic environment is improved greatly, improve all the overall income of the residents, and in March this year, the ministry also accelerate development to promote the industry technical standards, introduced the standardized work key point of new energy vehicles in 2018, for the development of the electric car industry to purify the market, low-speed electric cars as the leader in electric cars, market dividend will also further revealed.

_20201127134116In Today Sunshine, for example, as the leading brand in low-speed electric car industry, Today Sunshine has been the target location in the second and third tier cities of consumer groups, focus on developing short-distance travel transport, would be so excellent grades, with Today Sunshine perfect service system, superior product performance, in the future, Tody Sunshine will also be hard for the country's technological progress and make more contribution to the development of economy and society, and strive to become the domestic first-class electric auto service industry group.