Guangxi Delegation To Today Sunshine

- Oct 31, 2020-

On July 17, 2020, Huang Yingmei, the head of The Gangbei District of Guigang city, Guangxi, led an investigation team to visit Zhejiang Sunshine New Energy Vehicle Co., LTD., and received warmly by Du Xiangdi, chairman of Sunshine Today, Jiang Miaogen, vice chairman of Sunshine Today, Zhang Qiang, Vice general manager Hu Wenbo and other leaders.


 Accompanied by the leaders of Today Sunshine Company, Huang Yingmei and other leaders came to the production workshop of today Sunshine Electric vehicle to have an in-depth understanding of the production scale and product characteristics of today Sunshine electric vehicle. The relevant person in charge introduced the development process and business segment of today Sunshine. After listening to the detailed introduction, Huang Yingmei gave a high degree of affirmation.



Finally, Du Xiangdi, chairman of Sunshine Today, said that he would strengthen communication with relevant investment promotion departments in the North district of Hong Kong and look forward to achieving win-win cooperation as soon as possible.