In The Future, We Wait For The Golden Age Of Low-speed Electric Cars.

- Dec 03, 2020-

China's third - and fourth-tier cities and towns have a huge potential demand for low-speed electric vehicles. Low-speed electric vehicles could boost domestic demand and become a big growth point for China's economy in the coming years. When talking about low-speed electric cars, many opponents always point to the humble three-wheel and four-wheel old mobility vehicles, which is a travesty of the development of low-speed electric vehicles. With the development of the industry, low speed electric vehicles have formed the characteristics of low speed not low quality, low price not low match._20201205153804

What's so good about low-speed electric cars?

Not every family can afford a car, let alone a luxury one. For third - and fourth-tier cities, low - and middle-income groups, the elderly and housewives, low - speed electric vehicles have many real advantages.

The first advantage is the low purchase price, which is cheaper than many traditional cars. Traditional cars are becoming more complex and more functional, which is a good thing. But for lower-income people, certain features that are not needed raise prices. Low speed electric vehicles are relatively simple in structure and have only limited functions, but the cheap price is really there.

The second advantage is that the cost of use is extremely low. For 100 kilometers, it costs only 5 yuan to run 100 kilometers. In terms of petrol, it consumes less than a litre per 100km, several times less than the cost of a conventional car. For low-income groups, it's a big advantage.

The third advantage is the convenience of parking. At present, most of the low-speed electric vehicles on the market are within 3.5 meters in length. While the length of the traditional A-class car is generally more than 4 meters, the B-class car is more than 4.5 meters. The length of low speed electric vehicle can be very convenient for parking, and at the same time, it reduces the difficulty for drivers to park, especially the side direction parking. Everyone knows it's not hard to drive, just steer carefully. But parking is a problem. Therefore, this length actually reduces the requirement for drivers, making it possible for some special groups such as the elderly and housewives to drive._20201205154907

Where is the market for low-speed electric vehicles?

At least half of China's 1.3 billion people are still low - and middle-income, and their travel needs are no lower than those of high-income earners. Before, they could wait for a bus and ride a bike to meet their travel needs such as shopping, picking up the children, visiting relatives and friends. With the advent of low-speed electric vehicles, they have a better option.


So the market demand for low-speed electric vehicles will be very strong. We hope that the country can issue a series of relevant policies as soon as possible to classify low-speed electric vehicles and high-speed electric vehicles into different categories to meet the needs of different groups of people. We will introduce separate industry standards for low-speed electric vehicles to promote industrial development and improve the travel quality of ordinary people.

Today Sunshine is well positioned for the next golden age of low-speed electric cars. Today Sunshine' products not only in appearance level and performance can achieve the industry leader, the car is more than a number of high-tech configuration, the most important is the product price can be really close to the people, so that one of the jump to become the first choice of consumers to buy low-speed electric vehicles.