Electric Vehicles Have Become The Development Direction Of The Future Automobile Industry

- Nov 18, 2020-

 With the increasing pressure of resources and environment, electric vehicle has become the future development direction of automobile industry.More and more people begin to seek more convenient, quick and green way of travel. The demand of the market prompts the emergence of Low speed electric vehicles .The new energy vehicles with high quality and low price quickly occupy the market.

_20201120092007Low-speed electric vehicles are quickly accepted by the majority of consumers due to their advantages such as good economic performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, resource saving, low use cost and convenient charging. They better meet the needs of users in small and medium-sized cities, towns and rural areas. They are the most economical, most environmentally friendly and most easy to promote vehicles in small and medium-sized cities.


Data from the China Society of Automotive Engineering shows that in the past three years, the average annual growth rate of low-speed electric vehicles in Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other regions has exceeded 50%, but there is an urgent need for a unified national standard for low-speed electric vehicles.

The issuance of standards and regulations for the production and management of low-speed electric vehicles by the national industry authorities is conducive to guiding the standardized development of low-speed electric vehicles industry and creating a good market environment for the healthy development of low-speed electric vehicles. So  low-speed electric vehicle production enterprises can be in an orderly state of production, improve the technical level. What' more,  product safety and reliability and other quality issues will be further guaranteed.

 Today Sunshine  increasingly improve the low-speed electric car in today's industry regulations, enhance their own strength, adhere to the green environmental protection, continuous innovation of scientific research concept, always do an independent research and development, and to improve the performance and security of the electric car, at the same time provide consumers with high quality service, create convenient travel tools for the masses!