Low-speed Electric Vehicles Have Become A New Force In The Period Of Great Transformation Of Transportation Ecology In China

- Nov 28, 2020-

The rapid development of low-speed electric vehicles in recent years is actually due to the fact that shandong Provincial government issued document No. 52 in 2012 to carry out the pilot management work of small pure electric vehicles, which is defined by shandong electric vehicle industry as the policy support. It can be said that Shandong has become a large province of low speed electric vehicles, can not do without the support of the government. Nowadays, if low-speed electric vehicles want to go on the road of regulation again, it is inseparable from the consolidation of industry standards and the guidance of policies.

_20201128110117Low speed electric vehicle is a cost-effective choice to solve the current travel needs of different levels of people in China, but also to create employment opportunities and economic benefits for the local.

_20201128110520At present, Shandong province is carrying out a "major project to replace the old with the new". Low-speed electric vehicle enterprises should seize this opportunity, take the initiative to strengthen their own technological capacity building, and adapt to the government's policy requirements of "new technology" through technological upgrading and other means. In particular, leading enterprises in the industry should increase investment in RESEARCH and development, accumulate and form unique technological independent advantages, and expand their discourse power in the industry.


In the recent two years of industry evolution and industry upgrading, the brand of low-speed electric vehicles has been relatively centralized. Some leading enterprises in the industry have realized the importance of product quality and technology, and invest a considerable amount of money in research and development every year. Today Sunshine has been focusing on the improvement of product quality and the development of technology, so it can take root in the forefront of the industry. Today Sunshine products not only the appearance of high level, the performance of the same let, has been the product quality, service and technology to do the best. Therefore, Today Sunshine can be said to achieve the level of "national car", not only the safety of the elderly travel means of transport, but also the young people love for short trips.