New Economy Breeds New Kinetic Energy

- Feb 24, 2017-

Premier Li Keqiang stressed: "In the two years, the traditional auto industry production and marketing growth rate continued to be low, but at the same time, the new energy vehicle industry has achieved ' explosive ' growth." This shows not only the vitality of the new energy vehicle industry, but also that the ' new economy ' is brewing to produce a huge ' neo-kinetic energy '. He said, "We are currently in the old and new kinetic energy conversion ' inflection point ', as long as the ' new economy ' to grow up, the ' new kinetic energy ' to cultivate, the" green National car "in the lack of cars to develop first, China's economy is not only ' village ', but also ' willow and million village '! "The key to be addressed is the issue of industrial policy, the issue of production relations and superstructure. But the impact on innovation is even greater. Automobiles are the most tightly industrial policy industry, but also the most difficult to innovate. Newborn products and enterprises must spend the "nine push" force, and even dig the door to steal holes to get the catalogue, otherwise they can not survive. Innovation is like planting trees, need enough free space and nutrients, otherwise small trees can not grow.