New Energy Vehicles Have A Good Prospect.

- Nov 17, 2020-

 A few days ago, the haze weather came back again. The current situation of oil resource exhaustion and the strong promotion of new energy vehicles by national policies can be seen that new energy vehicles have a very good development trend and prospect. In recent years, low-speed electric vehicles represented by Today Sunshine have achieved explosive growth in the market.

_20201117110330Since its birth, sales of low-speed electric vehicles have maintained an astonishing growth rate. From 2010 to 2015, sales of low-speed electric vehicles increased by nearly 10 times in five years.

_20201117110545In the rural market, low-speed electric vehicles such as Sunshine are in strong demand today. Low-speed electric vehicles are characterized by affordable price, low use cost and high comfort, and more importantly, low use cost.

Low-speed electric vehicles not only have a deep soil in the rural market, but also attract much attention among the elderly consumers. Compared with ordinary elderly mobility vehicles, this low-speed electric vehicle of Today Sunshine is very intimate. It not only provides shelter from wind and rain, but also is equipped with air conditioning which is warm in winter and cool in summer. With excellent comfort and safety, the rural market and the elderly market have become the wings of low-speed electric vehicles.

With the rapid development of the industry, low-speed electric vehicles have successfully completed a gorgeous turn from low price and affordable to fashionable and intelligent, with comprehensive upgrading of production technology and configuration level. Today Sunshine the M1 , brilliant, smart fashion models become a popular trend.

After successfully capturing rural consumers and elderly consumers with its high cost performance and high comfort, Today Sunshine LOW speed electric vehicle is capturing urban consumers and young groups with its small, flexible and fashionable intelligence. Especially in Today Sunshine  increasingly serious traffic jams and parking difficulties, convenient and fashionable low-speed electric vehicles have become the new favorite for young people to travel. They have not only won the hearts of white-collar women, but also become the perfect partner for home travel.

Whether for the rural market, urban market, old market or young market, low-speed electric cars produced by  Today Sunshine are all tools that meet people's livelihood needs. Do you pick up the hot new generation of people's livelihood cars?