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- Nov 03, 2020-


With the increase of Today Sunshine's sales in overseas market , overseas dealers pay more and more attention to after-sales service of products. In order to help dealers quickly identify and solve possible vehicle failures, the company carried out the first phase of overseas sales service skills training at its headquarters.On September 18, 2019, the first service skills training meeting of overseas dealers was held at the headquarters of Zhejiang Today Sunshine .

                                                              The meeting begin.


During the raining meeting, Today Sunshine's deputy general manager of Hu Wenbo made a  welcome speech,who greeted dealer friends to taizhou, zhejiang province. Today Sunshine company has always been  pay attention to the company's after-sales service ability. The leaders of company hoped this training would help  to improve after-sale skills. Huang Liya ,head of the ministry of foreign trade,did training and explained to the related processes of failure handling.

_20201103164957The dealer partners who participated in the training all attached great importance to this training, and the dealer partners also recorded the whole journey .

_20201103165157                                                                               Visit the Factory

Under the guidance of the staff, friends of overseas dealers visited the company's general assembly workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop .

_20201103165840_20201103165914                                                                             Skills Training

_20201103170024_20201103170052                                                                                    Explanation of Special Faults

_20201103170159                                                              Group Photo of Today Sunshine's Overseas Dealers