Taizhou Electric Vehicle Exhibition

- Mar 14, 2017-

Earlier, the exhibition press conference held on December 23 has already launched a good start for the exhibition. Taizhou Electric Vehicle Exhibition after 13 consecutive successful holding of the accumulation of experience, has developed into the electric vehicle industry's leading brand exhibition, known as the "Electric vehicle product vane", for the entire electric vehicle industry year-round new product trends point the way. Relying on the strong foundation of electric and motorcycle industry, Taizhou Enterprises after decades of fighting and efforts, so that Taizhou electric vehicles become the benchmark of the quality of the industry. With the continuous refinement of electric vehicle technology, Taizhou brand in the quality, style, by the common People's recognition and dealer's pursuit.

"Good product, Stand State" slogan in the electric vehicle industry gradually reached a broad consensus, so that Taizhou electric vehicle exhibition to form a huge brand effect.