Taizhou Exhibition Period

- Mar 14, 2017-

Despite the unattractive, the enthusiasm of the visitors to the exhibition has not been affected, the scene is full of people, lively and unusual, hundreds of electric vehicles and parts of the exhibition brands lined with flowers.

In addition to the regular two-wheeled car enterprises and categories of exhibitors, the exhibition also attracted a number of new energy products as well as accessories and merchants, regional general generation, brand merchants active participation. Not only that, during the Taizhou exhibition this year, overseas buyers from all over the world also came to the scene, they and enterprise technical personnel on-site interaction, and exhibitors to discuss procurement cooperation matters, these foreign businessmen, for the exhibitors of electric vehicle enterprises to bring new business opportunities.

It seems that Taizhou exhibition as the most attractive business card of Taizhou plate, not only in the domestic household name, overseas market is also famous.