The Country Has Taken New Measures, Ushering In New Opportunities For The Low-speed Electric Vehicle Industry

- Dec 23, 2020-

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the mobility tools of today are increasingly diversified. Low-speed electric vehicles, as a new mobility tool with a price close to the people, dexterous and convenient, are bringing a qualitative leap to the life of people in rural areas.

At present, every family in the towns and villages has a courtyard. Even if a small building is built, most of them have their own courtyard, which is convenient for parking and charging. At less than a dime per kilometer, electric cars are more affordable for penny-pinching people.


At present, the national standard of the industry has not been issued, and the news that traffic control departments have inspected vehicles and banned four-wheel low speed electric vehicles from the road has been out from time to time. The issue of "right of way" has always been a pain in the industry. Facing this problem, netizens have also called for the four-wheel low speed electric vehicles to be given a legal status.

The good news is that at the end of January this year, 10 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Further Optimizing Supply, Promoting Steady Consumption Growth and Fostering a Strong Domestic Market (2019), proposing 24 specific measures in six areas. New measures such as continuously optimizing the subsidy structure of new-energy vehicles and promoting the upgrading of transportation tools in rural areas were put forward.


The release of the document explicitly calls for "phasing out and upgrading old diesel trucks and promoting the use of new energy vehicles". At the same time, by optimizing the subsidy structure of new energy vehicles, we will further guide the sales of high-quality new energy vehicles, support competitive enterprises, and comprehensively promote the technological upgrading of new energy production enterprises. At the same time of accelerating the popularization of new energy vehicles, it is leading the high-quality development of the industry.

_20201223111139The document encourages places where conditions permit to speed up the elimination of old vehicles, and the government will encourage rural auto consumption by offering certain subsidies. This new measure undoubtedly provides a direction for rural transportation upgrading. For rural residents, the upgrading of transportation is imperative, so the development of low-speed electric vehicles is a big opportunity.

_20201223111341At present, the right of way of low-speed electric vehicles has been gradually implemented in many places. The advantages of low-speed electric vehicles, such as low purchase cost, low use cost, easy control, low speed and low risk coefficient, also meet the requirements of the majority of car buyers. It is believed that the new energy vehicle market will become more popular in the future under the policy support.