Today's Sunshine M1

- Mar 07, 2017-

Today's Sunshine M1 uses the automotive grade luxury design concept, the appearance is small and nimble, the fashion retro, exudes the European pedigree Noble breath and the gentleman demeanor.

Rich in muscle sense of smooth lines, nimble and light, elegant temperament, Zhuo extraordinary. In addition, in the whole vehicle configuration, M1 full set of lamps are in accordance with the automotive standard design, electronic cold, warm air conditioning configuration, the use of automotive grade design standards, electronic intelligent touch Control Panel, more convenient control, internal and external circulation, rapid temperature regulation, intelligent remote controls, car one-click Open, Off, lock doors, more safe and convenient;

Anti-opening door handle, multi-layer seal waterproof, hand-outward rearview mirror; electronic vacuum power braking system, easy foot brake, scientific safer. On the power system, M1 uses electronic steering to help, ECO dual motion mode selection, to achieve the dual experience of economy and movement, lithium and lead acid different needs of the battery configuration, drive system selection of AC, DC two driving modes, can adapt to the needs of different regions. In addition, the M1 is equipped with adjustable leather seats, foldable rear seats, oversized storage space, luxurious interiors and full functionality.